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1305 South Pennsylvania Avenue Wellston, OH 45692
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ERA Martin & Associates Circleville
130 East Main Street Circleville, OH 43113
Office: (740) 420-9102   Fax: (740) 420-9202
ERA Martin & Associates Frankfort
16 N. Main Street Frankfort, OH 45628
Office: (740) 998-4021   Fax: (740) 998-4712
ERA Martin & Associates Washington Court House
1010 Leesburg Avenue Washington Court House, OH 43160
Office: (740) 636-0393   Fax: (740) 636-0394
ERA Martin & Associates Logan
1024 Hunter St. Logan, OH 43138
Office: (740) 380-2000   Fax: (740) 380-2100
ERA Martin & Associates Chillicothe
159 E Main Street, P.O. Box 2066 Chillicothe, OH 45601
Office: (740) 774-4500   Fax: (740) 774-4502

Avis America Homes:

At AvisAmerica, being one of the country’s premier modular builders means we’re dedicated to custom building the home you’ll enjoy spending a lifetime in.

We work by using a unique process called off-site residential construction, more commonly known as modular home building. Instead of constructing homes outside—where buildings are vulnerable to conditions like rain and mud—we put all of the critical structural components together in one of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Here, our expert craftsmen have constructed more than 16,000 homes for over 20 years. Working with a network of independent builders that give you the personal attention to construct the home you want, it’s an incredibly streamlined process with amazingly customized results.

Heckaman Homes:

Heckaman Homes are built with greater structural integrity than typical site-constructed homes, as they are designed to withstand the stresses of transportation and set. The homes are delivered and crane-set on the foundation by trained factory drivers. In addition, Heckaman has available factory-employed finish crews as may be required by the builder, and full-time crews to make service-related calls in accordance with the one-year full service warranty. By purchasing materials in volume from an extensive and reliable supplier network, and by bringing these materials and an experienced workforce into a centralized and sheltered factory environment, Heckaman Homes is able to meet the expectations in price, value and quality required by today's home buyer. With a controlled environment and production schedule, Heckaman can eliminate costly and unexpected problems with weather, vandalism, subcontractor delays or material shortages. In fact, workers on the line never have to wait for a foreman or material; there is always a foreman on the job, as well as an electrician, plumber, design engineer and a quality control manager -- always. Keep life simple building a new home can be a complex, difficult experience. Why not simplify life with a quality-built Heckaman Home?


  • Built to state and local codes –– can be built anywhere.
  • Inspected by the State of Indiana and the destination state.
  • Qualifies for FHA/VA or conventional mortgage.
  • Constructed with 2x10 floor joists, 16" on center with 3/4" tongue-and-groove floor decking.
  • Framed with 2x6 exterior walls, 16" on center, covered with 3/8" sheathing.
  • 8' ceiling and standard-height cabinets (Custom Series).
  • Built with drywall, seams taped and mudded, and walls prime painted.
  • Insulated with R19 sidewalls and R30 roofs, standard.
  • Floors covered with FHA-conforming carpet and resilient vinyl.
  • Plumbed with copper water lines.
  • Drapery blocks at all windows; caulked exterior wall receptacles.
  • Built with dual-glazed, wood windows with a vinyl-covered exterior.
  • Moved to the site on special lowboy carriers.
  • Crane-set on a typical crawlspace or basement foundation.
  • Home and Property that appreciates (Real Estate).

  • Made of materials (decking, paneling) containing formaldehyde.
  • Constructed with a Steel I-Beam in floor and with axles.
  • Constructed with 2x6 floor joists.
  • Insulated with R11 sidewalls and R11 in the roof.
  • Built with paneling or open-seam interior walls.
  • Moved to the site on its own chassis.
  • Slid onto blocks or a perimeter and rail-blocked foundation.
  • Personal Property that tends to depreciate.


  • Known price – no overruns or material price changes.
  • Built in an indoor environment, sheltered from the weather and vandalism.
  • Brand name components
  • Scheduled completion date.


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